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Who we are

Brave, bold,
marketing brains.
And nice people, too.



Simon Barnett

Managing Director

Simon started his career in commercial FMCG roles with the likes of Cadbury, Unilever & Pizza Express, before moving into the world of B2B.


He keeps a watchful eye on projects and loves talking about new challenges with clients. But his main focus is building and supporting the amazing group of marketers that make up the Perfectly Picked team.

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Ruth Davies

Client Marketing Lead

With over 20 years' experience in B2B marketing across a multitude of sectors Ruth is a highly skilled marketeer.


She thrives on creating effective marketing strategies and is always ready to get hands-on at a tactical level too.  A real people person who thrives on building strong relationships with clients. 

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Ruth Woodley

Client Marketing Lead

Ruth is an MCIM accredited marketer with a track record in helping businesses communicate what they do effectively and grow.


Her strengths lie in aligning business ambitions and marketing to create long-lasting, profitable results. She has helped to do this for all manner of businesses from professional services to tech, FMCG to charities.

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Shelley Robertson

Client Marketing Lead

Shelley brings over 25 years' experience in international marketing and communications. 

She's a dab hand in adapting marketing for different territories and cultures, and an expert in B2B storytelling. She revels in complex proposition projects - uncovering and organising all the elements involved in a business's offering - and creating impactful messaging.

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Wayne Osbourne

Sales Team Specialist

With over 15 years' experience working with market-leading companies all over the world, Wayne is an expert in working with sales teams to develop and execute targeted campaigns.


He has an unhealthy appetite for all things data - market mapping, reporting, analysis. He loves everything CRM and cogitating a corporate conundrum but is a super amiable soul who can build rapport with anyone.

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Alex Williams

Digital Specialist

Alex is a leader in the digital marketing space with experience gained in freelance, agency and client-side marketing roles.


For Perfectly Picked, Alex focuses on HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub, developing and delivering inbound marketing programmes for our clients.

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Catherine Morgan

Client Marketing Lead

Catherine is a skilled marketer with experience in both B2B and B2C marketing.


She has recently passed her CIM Level 6 Diploma in marketing and is currently on maternity leave.


Congratulations Catherine - on both counts! 

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Nicola Atherton

Project Manager

Nicola takes organisation to a new level. With a keen eye for detail and a systematic brain she is involved with every aspect of our business making sure we are efficient and effective.

She enjoys spinning multiple plates at pace and sprinkling a little calm wherever there's a frenzy. 

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Neal Manning


Neal ensures you stand out from the crowd visually. He has experience across many sectors including FMCG, publishing, retail and manufacturing and has worked with everyone from Vodafone to Stephen King. 


Neal is also a published paper engineer, creating pop-up and model kit books for the likes of Star Wars, Ice Age and National Geographic.

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What we believe 


Why?  Because most B2B marketing is dull, soulless and rammed full of jargon.  It forgets B2B buyers are actually people, not robots.

And it's so obsessed by the latest tactical performance marketing fads that it wouldn't recognise a strategy if it smacked them in the face.

If you’re facing big business challenges there's a choice.  You can play it safe, say and do what everyone else does, and play lip service to strategy.

But deep down you know, that approach really won't cut it.

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Join Us

We're always on the hunt for talented marketers to join the team. If you’re:

  • Not looking for a typical 'agency gig' or in-house role

  • Mad about B2B marketing

  • Nuts about strategy

  • Live and breathe outstanding execution

  • The driver of your own destiny 

  • A proper people person

Then, you might like it here as much as we do!

Drop us a note and tell us all about yourself.

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