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we are

Brave, bold,
marketing brains.
And nice people, too.


What we believe 


Why?  Because most B2B marketing is dull, soulless and rammed full of jargon.  It forgets B2B buyers are actually people, not robots.

And it's so obsessed by the latest tactical performance marketing fads that it wouldn't recognise a strategy if it smacked them in the face.

If you’re facing big business challenges there's a choice.  You can play it safe, say and do what everyone else does, and play lip service to strategy.

But deep down you know, that approach really won't cut it.

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Simon Barnett

Managing Director

Simon started his career in commercial FMCG roles with the likes of Cadbury, Unilever & Pizza Express, before moving into the world of B2B.


He keeps a watchful eye on projects and loves talking about new challenges with clients. But his main focus is supporting the amazing group of marketers that make up the Perfectly Picked team.

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Shelley Robertson

Value Proposition Specialist

Shelley brings over 25 years' experience in international marketing and communications. 

She's a dab hand in adapting marketing for different territories and cultures, and an expert in B2B storytelling. She revels in complex proposition projects - uncovering and organising all the elements involved in a business's offering to create impactful messaging.

Oh, and she's got an MBA, too.

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Maggie Wotherspoon

Communications Specialist

A internal communications and engagement expert, Maggie helps clients develop their internal communications, from strategy through to activation.

Maggie has led a wide range of projects – covering employee research, stakeholder management, culture and behaviour, campaign design, communication training as well as hands-on implementation.

Outside work Maggie like to live 'The Good Life'; growing vegetables and keeping chickens.

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Ruth Davies

Lead Strategist

With over 20 years' experience in B2B marketing across a multitude of sectors Ruth is a highly skilled marketeer.


She thrives on creating effective marketing strategies and is always ready to get hands-on at a tactical level too.  A real people person who thrives on building strong relationships with clients. 

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Wayne Osbourne

Sales & CRM Specialist

With over 15 years' experience in B2B sales and marketing, Wayne specialises in getting sales teams aligned and organised to execute targeted campaigns - ensuring that they get the most out of their CRM system, or by putting one so they can!

He has an unhealthy appetite for all things data - market mapping, reporting, analysis, but has never lost the noble art of building rapport with anyone.

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Ruth Woodley

Lead Strategist

Ruth is an MCIM accredited marketer with a track record in helping businesses communicate what they do effectively and grow.


Her strengths lie in aligning business ambitions and marketing to create long-lasting, profitable results. She has helped to do this for all manner of businesses from professional services to tech, FMCG to charities.

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Phil Johnson

Strategy Specialist

An accomplished strategy and product specialist, Phil helps clients discover, define, and deliver product portfolio revenue growth.


Phil’s experience spans product leadership, product strategy, brand development and research. He’s a big advocate of placing customer evidence at the heart of marketing and brand plans.

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Nick Saalfeld

Strategy Specialist

A B2B marketing and content strategist with over 20 years' experience; specialising in technology, professional services, healthcare and civil engineering. His sweet spot is creating credible and engaging content propositions - bringing clarity, simplicity and customer focus to marketing and a reach into every audience. 


He is also a long-standing judge for the Content Marketing Association's annual awards, and embarrassingly bad water-skier.

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Alex Williams

Digital Specialist

Alex is a leader in the digital marketing space with experience gained in freelance, agency and client-side marketing roles.


For Perfectly Picked, Alex focuses on HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub, developing and delivering inbound marketing programmes for our clients.

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We asked our clients to describe us in three words ...

Join us

We're always on the hunt for talented strategic marketers to join the team.

So, if you’re:

  • Not excited about typical 'agency gig' or in-house roles

  • Nuts about strategy

  • Mad about B2B marketing

  • The driver of your own destiny 

  • Live and breathe outstanding execution

  • A proper people person

Then, you'll likely love it here as much as we do!

Drop us a note and tell us all about yourself.

Brave marketers - take the plunge
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