Weekly10 & Microsoft Teams

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How We Helped Weekly10

We worked with Weekly10 to clearly define their value proposition and messaging so that they could effectively launch their application on Microsoft Teams, with the purpose of winning new business and encouraging existing business to move across to Teams.

Value Proposition Workshop

Using the Strategyzer Value Proposition Canvas, we teased out the customer jobs, pains and gains and the value Weekly10 offers in remedying these.

Value Proposition Development

An overarching Value Proposition was developed for Weekly 10’s launch onto Microsoft Teams.

Developing Messaging Routes

We carved out several, highly targeted, messaging routes based on the new value proposition.


Weekly 10 is an employee engagement and productivity platform. They offer a simple, 10 minute or less weekly check-in for employees. They deliver measurable, actionable insights into engagement, employee sentiment and performance.

As part of launching their application onto Microsoft Teams Weekly10 sought to develop their Value Proposition and messaging specifically for this new route to market.

Building our

Starting the process with insight, we began by exploring the creative content, assets and messaging that Weekly10 already had. We combined this with an analysis of their competitors and the competitive environment they sit within. Once we were had a thorough understanding of Weekly10’s positioning and targeting we moved onto the workshop.

The Workshop

The Strategyzer Value Proposition Canvas is our favourite tool to use to build powerful propositions that support business goals. It is a structured, team led process that establishes the jobs, pains and desired gains of target customer groups. It also explores the true value that a product or service can offer to create the gains and mitigate the pains that come up. In partnership with Weekly10 we were able to establish a full picture of where they could add value for their key target segment. From this we were able to devise an overarching value proposition for Weekly10 on Microsoft Teams, highlighting how they directly meet the needs of their customers.

“The workshop itself was the most valuable piece of work that we did. It really nailed down who we are, what we stand for and our key USPs.”

Rebecca Morgan
Head of Marketing
Weekly 10

The Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer

Building the Messaging Routes

Post-workshop we began to expand our thinking around the new value proposition and further refined the pain relievers and gain creators that Weekly10 offers. Five highly targeted, messaging routes were created. These included short and expanded copy blocks to illustrate the ideas and tell the story.

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Mobile phone screen showing Teams app

Seeing the

Weekly10 have been using the value proposition and messaging routes to explain the value of their application within the Microsoft Teams environment.


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