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Strategic clarity 
Strategic priorities and objectives 
Go-To-Market strategy 
Partnering & fundraising

The big business challenge

Shepherd are a funded InsurTech start-up targeting the commercial property management space.  They came to us with bold ambitions to disrupt and scale.   

Traditionally, managing operational expenditure and upkeep associated with commercial buildings was pretty reactive for Shepherd's client-base. This made it difficult, expensive and unpredictable to manage and insure buildings - particularly older ones without built-in monitoring technology. Shepherd’s technology monitors, then learns the inner workings of buildings, allowing businesses to predict problems, prevent loss, disruption and reduce their energy consumption.


Reducing risk and cost of managing a property portfolio while improving sustainability.  Surely an easy sell?   Funnily enough, no. 

When Shepherd first approached Perfectly Picked, they were up and running, they had proof of concept and had recruited their first clients, but they knew they needed help to accelerate growth and achieve their goals.



Shepherd's goals were big, and as a start-up there was lots to do.


Over the course of two years we helped Shepherd navigate and conquer a range of challenges - including positioning, Go-To-Market, growth, partnering and fundraising.

We knew that positioning was going to be key, so our first step was insight - for effective positioning we needed to fully understand Shepherd as a business, its people, its product, its resource, its markets, audiences and competitors.  

Once we had fully mapped Shepherd's environment we agreed strategic priorities and objectives. Transitioning messaging from product-led to customer-led took the focus from features to product value - a strong way for Shepherd to express brand engagement and demonstrate value to the customer.


Perfectly Picked worked with Shepherd to formulate a proposition articulating their value to prospective customers and used it to wireframe a wide range of brand communications from collateral to presentation decks.   

At the same time, we segmented and refined target markets to generate maximum impact in certain key vertical groups.  From here, we were able to develop and deploy an array of tactics across the full marketing mix to deliver against the strategic objectives.   


We were involved in an active role in Shepherd's leadership team. Providing advice and guidance we helped shape the sales and marketing strategy and product strategy. Working closely with the CTO, Sales Director and partners we delivered an array of campaigns helping them to shake-up the sector and gain traction against their growth ambitions.


The resolve

Shepherd's goals were big, and as a start up there was lots to do. Over the course of two years we helped Shepherd navigate and conquer challenges concerning positioning, go to market, growth, partnering and fund raising. 


During our time with Shepherd we helped them to grow to manage £5bn of property risk, partner with the six largest insurers in the UK, build strategic partnerships within the insurance sector, count English Heritage and Skanska amongst their customers and bring home several key industry awards.

“Perfectly Picked bring so much more than marketing know-how. They can see the big picture, but they also get stuck in and make things happen.”

Stephen Chadwick CEO, Shepherd

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