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What we do

Helping you take an intelligent, marketing-led approach to solving big challenges. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can put our brainpower to work on your business.

But before we do, we always aim to fully understand what you're trying to achieve.

Because sometimes what you think you need, isn't what you actually need.


Current Reality Review

How well do you really know your customers, competitors and markets? How effective is your current sales & marketing activity? 

An essential pre-requisite for brilliant strategy development, we give you an objective outside-in perspective using our 6Cs methodology.  

Voice of the Customer

If you need an injection of customer-led insight, where better to start than by paying closer attention to what they actually say?  

We help you understand how your ideal customers think and feel, while uncovering hidden gems to inspire your thinking, inform your strategy and power your marketing.  

Strategic Screenplay

Everyone on the same page?  That’s 100% what you need to tackle big business challenges. 

Our strategic screenplay process brings focus to any situation to establish the key initiatives for success.

The outcome is vision, clarity and direction.  Internal engagement and team alignment comes as standard.  


Value Proposition Perfection

Often misunderstood and regularly lacking, a compelling value proposition is the cornerstone of your sales & marketing communications.   

Cutting through the standard jargon and complexity of B2B, we properly define the pains you relieve and the gains you release.  This can be developed for your overall business as well as for specific audiences, personas and markets. 

Positioning for
Cut Through

What you look like must reflect what you say.  And vice versa. 

We create bold stories and compelling messaging to bring your value proposition to life.

Paired with distinctive visual positioning and simple, human language, you have a perfect recipe for truly effective communications.


Where the rubber hits the road and your strategic groundwork pays off.

Whether it's developing and executing your strategic marketing programme, building a go-to-market initiative, or creating spell-binding content and assets.

We can manage and make things happen, work alongside your team or collaborate with other partners.  It’s completely your call. 

Our Ethos

Fully immersed
Structured & thoughtful
Diver - full immersion


Balanced & objective
The right tools for the job - resource


If you’re going to take on something serious, there’s no point doing it half-heartedly.


So we need to fully immerse ourselves in your business and get to know your people, your market and your challenges.

Sometimes we ask difficult questions.  Not because we want to be cantankerous, but because it helps us get up to speed and ensures we know what it's like to walk in your shoes.

Balanced objectivity - walking a tightrope


Once we understand your world, we use an outside-in approach to objectively review your challenges.

We call it as we see it.  And we always try and do it in a nice way.

No-one likes to be told their baby's ugly, but if we identify an issue or a real blind spot, we'll tell you.  

Einstein once said, “if I only had an hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes thinking and defining the problem, and five minutes finding the solution.”

We like that idea.  We use simple but effective plans, tools & techniques to structure our thinking and help you succeed.

Lots of consultancies complicate things to make themselves sound clever, but that’s not for us.



Sun Tzu

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