The thinking behind the Perfectly Picked rebrand is strategy-led. We built the strategy first and one of the outcomes was to rebrand. This is not just a new logo and a new flashy website. This is a deliberate, focused move which aligns our brand to our new strategy. It makes sure we are positioned to exploit our core competences of marketing strategy delivery and execution. It allows us to reach more leads and start developing relationships with them whilst nurturing our existing clients. Our rebrand is a strategy first rebrand, after all, strategy is what we are really good at.

Recognising the Need to Change

Like all business we have been evolving over time. We’ve built a reputation for being reliable, easy to work with, the ones who just ‘get it’. We are proud of that. Our skillset as a team has developed too. We know what we are good at, what our ‘sweet spot’ is. The rebrand of Perfectly Picked recognises a shift in focus, pointing everything we do towards our goals via our sweet spot. Our aim now and moving forward is to always put marketing strategy at the heart of business growth and ambition. In every project we take on. In every outcome we deliver.

Leading strategically is a challenge. In busy companies with deadlines, pipelines and endlessly ringing phonelines, it is hard to stop and revaluate. Evolving a brand is a challenge too. Recognising that what you do is changing and that your brand needs to catch up takes skill, it takes boldness, it takes time.

Different versions of the Perfectly Picked logo

Building the New Brand

Perfectly Picked has gone through a process to get to this moment. Whilst firming up our corporate and marketing strategy an opportunity arose. The chance to signify the shift in our positioning, in our brand development. To do this we’ve created a new brand identity with new creative, new colours, a new logo, a new website and a new set of brand guidelines. This is just a small section of the big picture, but it signifies to the outside world that we have taken deliberate steps forward, toward our goals.

To reiterate a point that we truly believe in. Don’t try and do it alone. We did not do this alone. We consulted external support, harnessed our amazing internal skills, spoke to our existing customers, shared our progress with trusted friends and hired excellent new people. An outside eye can give invaluable perspective on your brands perception. It can tell you straight away what you are doing right and correct you before you make a big mistake. Seek help. That’s our advice.

Perfectly Picked Values symbolic shapes