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What we do

Helping you tackle big challenges with an intelligent, marketing-led approach.


Our core services work as standalone options or can be combined, depending on the challenge you're facing.

But we always start by fully understanding what you're trying to achieve.


Because sometimes what you think you need, isn't what you actually need.

Strategic Clarity & Current Reality.

A mix of diagnostics, insight generation, team engagement & strategic planning.

Strategic Clarity & Current Reality

A mix of diagnostics, insight generation, team engagement & strategic planning.


Our 6Cs methodology brings an outside-in view of your business 'reality'. This is complemented by a series of structured workshops to get you focussed on a specific challenge.

The output is a a blueprint for success - your bespoke 'strategic screenplay'.

The whole process brings shared understanding, buy-in and absolute clarity on the way forward. 

Voice of the Customer

Either in isolation, or as a part of broader project, we help you understand how your ideal customers think and feel.

We explore their world, what they're trying to get done and the things that are holding them back.

The objective isn't to give you a nice-looking powerpoint deck that sits in a drawer. 

Rather it's to find those hidden gems that will inspire your thinking, inform your strategy and help you differentiate. 

Value Proposition Development

 We cut through the jargon and complexity of B2B to create simple but compelling value propositions that address the biggest problems your customers are facing.

Once agreed, we turn your proposition into 
bold stories and memorable messaging to bring it to life. 

With so much noise out in the market, we find the right words, tone and ideas to make you stand out in a good way.

Strategic Brand Foundations

We develop the right strategic foundations to help you build a brilliant B2B brand that will attract customers and be a galvanising force in your business.

We take you through the entire process, from defining your vision and positioning right through to creating distinctive visual and verbal language.

Bespoke Go-to- Market Programmes

From time to time we take on specific briefs to develop entire marketing programmes from start to finish.

These projects typically require different thinking to what's gone before in your market, and are linked to  a major business challenge or opportunity.

On-going Support & Momentum

After projects finish we often stay involved to ensure that momentum is maintained.

The scale & scope of our involvement varies from a regular marketing check-ins and mentoring to short-term Marketing / Project Director engagements.

Our Ethos

Fully immersed
Structured & thoughtful
Diver - full immersion


Balanced & objective
The right tools for the job - resource


If you’re going to take on something serious, there’s no point doing it half-heartedly.


So we need to fully immerse ourselves in your business and get to know your people, your market and your challenges.

Sometimes we ask difficult questions.  Not because we want to be cantankerous, but because it helps us get up to speed and ensures we know what it's like to walk in your shoes.

Balanced objectivity - walking a tightrope


Once we understand your world, we use an outside-in approach to objectively review your challenges.

We call it as we see it.  And we always try and do it in a nice way.

No-one likes to be told their baby's ugly, but if we identify an issue or a real blind spot, we'll tell you.  

Einstein once said, “if I only had an hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes thinking and defining the problem, and five minutes finding the solution.”

We like that idea.  We use simple but effective plans, tools & techniques to structure our thinking and help you succeed.

Lots of consultancies complicate things to make themselves sound clever, but that’s not for us.



Sun Tzu

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