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Delivering growth through customer centric marketing

The big business challenge

Savvy tech startup Shepherd had bold ambitions to disrupt commercial property management.

Their proactive approach to monitoring buildings (including historic and listed properties), meant they were better able to predict problems, and reduce insurance loss, business disruption and energy consumption. 

When Shepherd approached us, their first clients were onboard.


They wanted our help to accelerate growth and achieve their sales and investment funding goals.


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What we did

A ‘no waffle’ messaging approach and fresh brand identity 

Using four core themes as the foundation for a new value proposition, we developed the key messages and created a fresh, professional identity​.

The a ‘No Waffle’ messaging approach combined with placing customers firmly at the centre of all communications, gave Shepherd the clarity they needed and the confidence to move forward.

The website, collateral and promotional campaigns all clearly presented Shepherd, what they do and why it matters to their different audiences​.

Over the next two years, Shepherd grew to manage £5bn of property risk, partner with the 6 largest insurers in the UK, build strategic insurance partnerships, and count English Heritage and Skanska amongst their customers.


They also brought home several key industry awards.

“Perfectly Picked bring so much more than marketing know-how. They can see the big picture, but they also get stuck in and make things happen.”

Stephen Chadwick CEO, Shepherd

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