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Finding strength in differentiation

Cloud-based Veterinary Software


Strategic clarity 
Brand Proposition 
Brand promise 
Brand messaging & visuals

The big business challenge

The main challenge was how Provet Cloud should position itself for growth in new markets. Provet Cloud’s software, helping veterinary practices run more effectively, is a well-established business and market-leader in the Nordics.


They were looking to build scale through rapid expansion into new markets.  

They lacked a united, overarching brand proposition to give them much-needed clarity and direction, which is vital to engage and cut through with audiences notoriously tricky to sell into.

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To build awareness and interest, Provet Cloud’s marketing and sales teams were keen to start developing tools to be able to effectively communicate with prospective customers in each of their territories.


We armed Provet Cloud with the key marketing frameworks to help them grow with confidence. 


Working with the US, UK, Spain, Italy and the Nordics, we created a united, overarching brand proposition. One that was both compelling and allowed for operational and cultural differences between markets. 

From there, we developed their brand promise and personas, presenting a range of options to bring the brand to life with messaging and visuals.


The resolve

Shepherd's goals were big, and as a start up there was lots to do. Over the course of two years we helped Shepherd navigate and conquer challenges concerning positioning, go to market, growth, partnering and fund raising. 


The outputs of our work are being used to guide marketing and sales initiatives across the business. Teams are now able to be more time efficient, unified and informed in their corporate communications.


As well as giving their team the kick start they needed, the process has also engaged and enthused everyone across the Provet Cloud commercial team.

“The thing that impresses me the most working with Perfectly Picked is their ability to inject humour and humanity into strategic business conversations, honing in on the right balance of professional meets personable."

Michael Gastaldo

Global Head of Marketing, Provet Cloud

At the Vet
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