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In the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Sector

We specialise in building strategic partnerships that deliver for the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom (KBB) sector.

Do you need an ambitious strategy to boost sales through partnerships and strategic alliances? You’re in the right place! Perfectly Picked has a proven track record in helping clients in the KBB sector, using our unique outside-in thinking to challenge the status quo and resolve big business issues. 


We understand the importance of a clever strategy that tackles problem areas, a defined approach to building solid and profitable channel reach and creating a standout offering. By applying our marketing brainpower to analyse partnerships, competitors and standard market practice, we created a bold and innovative positioning.


We're proud to share how we helped VitrA and Electrolux navigate their challenges and achieve success.


Take a look at our case studies to learn more! 

Perfectly Picked have been a huge help with our partnership scheme.


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